David M. Riley


Born on this day…

Happy Birthday, Flo!  Mark Volman, a founding member of The Turtles and “Flo” of Flo and Eddie is 71 today.  In this clip, he introduces “Keep It Warm,” a song from the Moving Targets album.

Roll another joint for the Gipper
Get the Gipper high, he gets hipper
Stick it in his mouth and keep him warm
Elect another jerk to the White House…

Happy Birthday Kenneth Patchen

Celebrating the 106th anniversary of the birth of American poet and novelist Kenneth Patchen.  He wrote in a style often referred to as “jazz poetry,” and influenced younger poets like Allen Ginsberg, as well as collaborating with music artists John Cage and Charles Mingus.


Kenneth Patchen, 1911 – 1972

There’s a place the man always say
Come in here, child
No cause you should weep
Wolf never catch such a rabbit
Golden hair never turn white with grief
Come in here, child
No cause you should moan
Brother never hurt his brother
Nobody here ever wander without a home
There must be some such place somewhere
But I never heard of it