Christmastime is Here Again

Yep, the most wonderful time of the year has fallen upon us once more.  To get into the spirit, here’s The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis singing “Blue Christmas.”  Now this was recorded at one of the warm-up sessions prior to the taping of The King’s 1968 “comeback” television special.  Elvis was reunited with his original band and they went through a number of songs together.  The idea was that since Elvis had not performed in pubic for many years, this would help get him back into the swing of things.  If you watch the entire session, you will notice how restrained Elvis feels.  He wants to get up and rock out but there’s no strap for the guitar, the microphone can’t be raised high enough… Elvis is stuck sitting down when all he really wants to do is get up and swivel those hips.  Stuck in Colonel Parker’s prison where he’d remain, a caricature of himself, for the rest of his life.  Kinda sad, but Merry Christmas anyway.